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WaterSense certified toilet

Up to $75. Must purchase WaterSense-labeled 1.28 gallon per flush toilet by Dec. 31, 2015, to qualify, and apply within 90 days to receive rebate.

Rotary/high-efficiency irrigation nozzles

$3 per nozzle, $20 minimum purchase. One-time rebate per 10 years. Minimum of 10 nozzles.

Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller

$500 per conductivity controller installed.

Cooling Tower Make-up/bleed flow meter

$50 per flow meter installed to monitor cooling tower make-up and bleed.

WaterSense Certified Smart Irrigation Controller

25 percent of purchase price for qualifying models to install smart irrigation controllers. Installation cost not included in rebate.

WaterSense labeled Flushometer Bowl and Valve Combination

The WaterSense labeled flushometer bowl and valve rebate program offers a rebate of $125 per installation of HET (1.28 gpf or less) flushometer bowl and valve set.

WaterSense Certified flushing urinal

The high-efficiency urinal rebate program offers a rebate of $100 per urinal installed, which flushes 0.125 gallons per flush or less.

Coin/Card-Operated Laundry Equipment

The coin- or card-operated laundry equipment rebate program offers $150 per machine purchased or leased and installed.


$40 each for flow meters installed to monitor individual unit water use.

Commercial Warewashing Equipment

The Commercial Warewashing Equipment Rebate program offers $300 per machine purchased or leased and installed.

WaterSense certified toilet

Up to $100. WaterSense-labeled toilets that use an average of 1.1 gallons per flush (GPF) or less are eligible. Models that flush 1.28 GPF or dual flush toilets with a 1.6 GPF option do not qualify.

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